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Rainy Paris

Forever Friends

Beach Baby

Flower Power

Gloria's Garden

Tulip Frenzy

Heart to Heart

Sugar Skull

Family Tree

Tuscan Villa

Coffee Time

Beach Grass

Daisy Daisy Daisy

Zen Stream

Mother Nature

Great Big Sea

Make A Wish

Graffiti Wall

Covered Bridge

Hat Parade

Firefly Dance

Dancing Desert

Belle of the Ball

Starry Night

The Path Less Travelled

Country Charm

La Grande Dame

Northern Sunset

Zig Zag

Just Before Midnight

Walk In The Woods

Blooms & Blossoms

If The Shoe Fits

All About The Hat

Winter Birch

Swirling Pumpkins

Autumn Canopy

I See U

Ice Time

Snowed In

Winter Visitor

Misty River

Drops of Love


Butterfly Garden

The River's Edge

Birch Beauty

The Meadow

Thoughful buddha

Hey Mr. Snowman.jpg

Hey Mr. Snowman

Peneope The Unicorn.jpg

Penelope The Unicorn


Just Sayin' Word Art.jpg

Just Sayin'

Heart on a String.jpg

Hearts on a String

Summer Sunset.jpg

Scugog Sunset

Under The Sea.jpg

Under the Sea

Inside the Gingerbread.jpg

Inside the Gingerbread

Mi Amour.jpg

Mi Amour

Dock of the Bay.jpg

Dock of the Bay



Meow Love!_edited.jpg

Meow Love

Ladybug Ladybug_edited.jpg

Ladybug Ladybug...

Chains of Love.jpg

Chains of Love

Up Up and Away_edited.jpg

Up Up and Away

Whispering Wisteria.jpg

Whispering Wisteria

Desert Stars_edited.jpg

Desert Stars

Fancy the Flamingo_edited.jpg

Fancy the Flamingo

Dragonfly Wings_edited.jpg

Dragonfly Wings

Georgia Giraffe_edited.jpg

Gorgia Giraffe

Best Friends Bouquet_edited.jpg

Best Friends Bouquet

Fergie the Fox_edited.jpg

Fergie the Fox

Flower Child_edited.jpg

Flower Power

Great Blue Heron_edited.jpg

Great Blue Heron

Happy Garden_edited.jpg

Happy Garden

Look Down_edited.jpg

Look Down

Jer-gnome Spring_edited.jpg

Jer-gnome Jellybean

Look Up_edited.jpg

Look Up

Northern Lights_edited.jpg

Jer-gnome Jingle

Love Always and Forever_edited.jpg

Love Always and Forever

Madame Butterfly_edited.jpg

Northern Lights

Madame Butterfly

Algonquin Sunset_edited.jpg

Algonquin Sunset

Summertime Besties_edited.jpg

Summertime Besties

Cactus Flowers_edited.jpg

Cactus Flowers

Peaceful Retreat_edited.jpg

Peaceful Retreat

Market Fresh Flowers_edited.jpg

Market Fresh Flowers

Maui Wowie_edited.jpg

Maui Wowie

Puppy Love_edited.jpg

Puppy Love

Potions Class_edited.jpg

Potions Class

Summer Campfire_edited.jpg

Summer Campfire

Sorting Hat_edited.jpg

Sorting Hat

Georgie Giraffe.jpg

Georgie Giraffe

Cutie Pie.jpg
Sassy Llama_edited.jpg

Sassy Llama

Sammy Llama_edited.jpg

Sammy Llama

Moonlit Lake.jpg

Cutie Pie

Moonlit Lake

Jer-gome in Jamacia.jpg

Winter Nostalgia

Jer-gnome in Jamaica

Moonlight Hope.jpg

Moonlight Hope

Blue Jay Blue

My Spirit Animal_edited.jpg

My Spirit Animal

Vacation Time

Rain Storm

Ruby Dreams

Love you, I DO!

August Sunset

Jungle Fun

3rd Rock from the Sun


Fungi Foray

Cottage Country


Summer Meadow

Moon Over Silver Lake

Fresh Herbs.jpg

Fresh Herbs

Swiftie Collection.jpg

Swiftie Collection

Into the Mystic.JPG

Into The Mystic

Summer Solstice.jpg

Summer Solstice

Mr. Easter Party



Quilters Barn

Killbear Pine.jpg

Killbear Pine


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