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about the paint diva

About Kim Ellis aka The Paint Diva


Kim has a creative flair and the ability to take paintings and break them down into manageable, easy to follow steps so that you can create your own individual masterpiece. Think paint by numbers without the numbers.


On her birthday, January 2017, Kim was preparing to apply for a position with another paint party company as a way to explore her creative side. With the day off from her full time job, she went out and purchased some canvases and paint, came home and completed three paintings in less than 4 hours. 


Kim then sent pictures of her sample paintings to a few of her friends and family. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone agreed! She should be doing this on her own. Her talent was undeniable.


With much support and consultation with her supporters, including a birthday party with friends, and, over a few cocktails and birthday cake, The Paint Diva was born and there has been no looking back!

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